Patricia Rini has spent more than 27 years sharing her experience, strength and hope with men and women who suffer from various addictions and life stressors.
But her humble beginnings didn’t start in a classroom. It wasn’t uncommon to share a pot of coffee at the kitchen table with a woman who was being physically abused or to sit in a remote corner of a restaurant, away from the breakfast crowd and listen to the horrors of alcoholism and drug addiction. However, Patricia’s desire to help others by writing her compelling autobiography and compiling a workbook would be 25 years in the making.

For more than 15 years she attended several Al-Anon meetings a week and often an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Little did she know that the poor choices and decisions she was making regularly would become her greatest testimony.

It was in those early years when she survived with the barest necessities. And it was during the darkest days when God’s grace, love and power, blessings and opportunities came without any visible means of support from her.

Driven by her unwillingness to give up, and a front row witness to the death of family and friends, Patricia determined in her heart to make a difference. It was also this witness to the insane destruction that became the driving force to change the unacceptable.

Patricia’s book, The Power of Choice, The Journey From Addiction And Blind Faith, was published in the spring of 2008. Within six months of the publication of her book, she would write her workbook entitled, The Power of Choice, Breaking the Chains, and begin teaching it at Family Worship Center.

While Patricia’s personal story is filled with the steps to her restoration and the grace that God bestowed upon her life, classes are taught using biblical principles that are intricately woven into the fabric of our lives.

She is currently teaching the 13-week course at Family Worship Center, 1503 Sulphur Springs Road, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Classes are held on Wednesday nights from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.



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